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3 Social Marketing Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

Social marketing and utilizing web 2.0 properties like Facebook, Digg, and Squidoo are here to stay.

If you aren’t incorporating social marketing into your internet marketing traffic generation plan you’re going to be left behind.

Here are three reasons you need to use social marketing.

1. Borrowing Another Site’s Authority

Search engines like Google and Yahoo love big authority sites like If you do much search engine work, you’ll see sites like, and garnering top rankings on hundreds if not thousands of search results.

It’s very difficult to do that with your own site.

However, with the way these sites are designed, you can borrow their authority and get top rankings with your content by placing it on sites like, Squidoo, and Hub Pages.

You’ll generate good search rankings on those sites and use them to drive traffic to your money site.

2. Boost Your Own Search Engine Rankings

By utilizing web 2.0 authority sites like Squidoo and linking to your own site, you’ll eventually boost your own site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines and your own SE rankings will rise.

3. Lessen Your Dependence On The Search Engines

By utilizing a variety of web 2.0 properties and participating in various communities on sites like squidoo, mybloglog and you’re able to drive traffic to your site directly from these social sites.

This gives you another significant traffic stream, which lessens the impact of the SE’s if and when your search engine rankings fall.

Use these social marketing strategies [] in your own traffic generation efforts to drive more traffic to your web site.

Source by Gregg Gillies