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8 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work for Everyone

1. Integrate the efforts of various departments

For a fully integrated social media campaign, you have to integrate the efforts of various departments like Sales, Customer service, Human Resources, Research and Development etc.

2. Focus on Networks that suits best for your industry

Each network has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the nature and requirements of your business and target audience, you have to select the most suitable network. Given below are some of the most popular networks

*Facebook: Facebook News Feed is the best place to showcase your content. You can increase brand awareness, drive traffic and bring leads and prospects by posting your informative and inspiring content in the News Feed. Don’t forget to tailor your messages to the interests of the users. With the rapid proliferation of mobiles, the percentage of Facebook users is increasing at an exorbitant rate. The growth record shows that from 40% in 2011, it rose to 60% in 2012, to 70% in 2013, to 80% in 2014 and it goes on increasing day by day.

*Twitter: This is the best network for customer service and business development. You will get feedback from dissatisfied customers. By responding immediately, you can rectify yourself and make them happy to gain them. And you can convert the happy customers into loyal customers.

*LinkedIn: It is best suited for B2B social media marketers. Facebook and Twitter are more or less personal whereas LinkedIn is catching the professionals in their business time.

*Google+: The greatest advantage of Google+ is that if your presence in the site is strong, your profile will appear on top of the Search Engine Results.

3. Inspiring and informative content

Create engaging contents that will explain your business objectives with videos,infographics etc. Post your content in multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn simultaneously. Use advanced tools which help you save time and enhance engagement. Cover the entire social publishing process in one platform. It is good to connect to an RSS feed also and set up a defined schedule to auto-tweet new contents.

4. Monitoring

This is an essential part of social media strategy by which you can identify business opportunities for your brand.

5. Engage the customers

Make it sure that you are responding to customers including those who leave negative feedback on your brand and try to make them happy by rectifying the drawbacks pointed out by them. If the customers are ignored consistently, they may go for an alternative.

6. Track your efforts to improve your market. Use Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics to pinpoint the messages that perform best.

7. Utilize social media as a search channel.

The latest trend shows that social media is identified as search channel to double the revenue. Customers go directly to YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest for advice and opinion of the product or service before making a decision to purchase it. Up to 80% of the consumers are influenced by online reviews and comments of the consumers. People are always interested in getting a friendly advice from persons whom they can relate. Besides they get timely information regarding the discounts and offers which motivate them to make an instant decision to buy it before the termination of the offer or discount.

8. Cope with the latest trends in social media marketing.

Social media marketing is not governed by the same laws of attraction and attention. New networks like Snap-chat and Periscope are evolving. When new ones come to play, the old ones are compelled to be more innovative by adding new features because the rules of social media are prone to change from time to time.


There is no shortage of strategies in social media marketing. New and innovative strategies are evolving with the development of technology. The success of any strategy is determined by how well it is implemented. It is easier said than done.It needs expertise as well as technical support. So, it is recommended that you seek the support and guidance of marketing agencies well equipped with experts who can manage your social media marketing successfully resulting in an unprecedented increase in revenue. BOOSTrust in New Jersey is an agency you can entrust your social media marketing business with confidence. Results guaranteed at an affordable price for start-up and small businesses.

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