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Bulk Article Marketing – How Does it Work?

Internet marketers want to drive traffic with content. But content generation can be hard work for those who are not good at writing. For those who love writing, content publishing can be a great way to drive targeted traffic. For the highly competitive marketers, bulk article marketing works wonderfully well.

So, what is bulk article marketing and how does it work?

Bulk content marketing involves writing and submitting articles in huge volumes. Most marketers can only manage to publish 5 to 8 articles (on average) on a daily basis. It’s very rare to find a marketer who also happens to be a prolific writer. Such a writer may be able to generate as many as 40 articles in a day. 40 sounds like a target that is out of reach for most people. Here are the rules.

1) Quality has to be decent enough for the articles to be approved by editors. However, the articles are not meant to be perfect. That means the authors don’t usually go back and vet through the articles. Once done, they are considered to be complete.

2) Articles contain straight forward tips and useful information. There are no fluff, and no filler materials.

3) Article length cannot be too lengthy. That is why some content marketers are able to produce such amazing number of articles each day. When they have too much to say, they just split the content up into multiple articles. Most articles contain just 300 to 500 words. They rarely exceed 500 words.

Source by Darren K Chow