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Ebook Marketing Tips – 3 All-Purpose Strategies For Marketing Your New Ebook Business

An author thrives on readership and always looks for different ways of marketing his book. When you are in the eBook business, the rules remain the same, only the strategies for marketing vary. Let’s look at three great marketing strategies that will have the readers flocking towards your ebook:

1. Use your Personal Website

These days, you can get a personal domain at very nominal costs, but it can be leveraged for the benefit your e-book business. You can add things like your credits, your publisher’s name and the various outlets that stock your materials. You can also track statistics like the most frequented websites and the number of daily visitors to the site. If maintained well, your website can be a great marketing tool for you.

2. Electronic Business Cards

You can make your own electronic eBook business cards and sent them out in the mail or distribute them personally. You can even put it up on the Internet browser to be read. This business card can include some free samples of your content, information about yourself and links that point back towards your website or domain from where your book can be purchased. The best thing about theses cards is that they can be modified very easily, without much hassle.

3. Networking is Essential

Unless you want to remain a modest and invisible writer, you cannot afford to ignore networking. Look for any and all means to do some networking – through your friends, family, colleagues, or tennis partners. You can even approach institutes and organizations you are a member of, and use them to reach more people. While some of this might be ’embarrassing’ for you, it makes serious eBook business sense to do all this.

Source by Fabian Tan