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Email Marketing Plan – 4 Keys to Success

An email marketing plan can be one of the easiest and effective ways to improve sales. There are some important things to consider when launching a successful campaign.

I) Consider the purpose of your campaign. Is it to bring people to a site or to announce events? If you have another marketing strategy, then your email marketing should be integrated into the bigger plan. Think about your target audience. When sending an email, content needs to be personalized, therefore, details about your target audience must be taken into account. Finally think about the responsibilities, if an email is to be sent on a regular basis, then standards of quality will have to be maintained.

II) Design-It is important to present the content of your email as professionally as possible. Integrate the look with your brand name and site. Keep the information concise and focused on the customers needs. Check the grammar and spelling of the content, this can affect your profile.

Make sure the email can be opened by a variety of platforms. Test the images, margins and other potential formatting issues. If you use images, try to keep them as relevant as possible. Check all links supplied in the email, and use ones that are semi- permanent.

III) Know the spam laws. It is best to get your email list via the double opt-in so that your audience information is targeted. That means, requiring customers who supplied their email address to verify their account and information. Allow the customer the control to opt out.

Test your wording based on your target audience and expectations. Remember, the audience reading your emails may not be the same as those who signed up in a store.

To improve your response, you can try changing subject headings, try using soft sell tactics instead of hard sell, and switch from an informational format to a promotional.

IV) Retention

Keeping your repeat customers happy is important. If a customer complains, address the issue promptly. Changes in technology and advertising techniques may require you to update your format. Keep your mailing list up to date and remove delinquent email addresses to avoid being labeled as spam. To retain audience attention, use customer participation tactics such as voting, updates, or expert information and rewards.

Source by Ray B Spencer