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Free Mortgage Marketing Tools For Loan Officers

In a difficult market it’s nice to have all of the help you can get. In today’s article we’re going to review a great free resource for downloading useful mortgage marketing tools. Often the word “free” comes with a long and dangly string attached right?

This will not be the case with today’s list of mortgage marketing tools. See, one of the challenges many loan officers experience when putting together a new marketing strategy, is finding the time to create new material from scratch.

If you’re looking to send a new mailer or postcard, when will you find the time to have new graphics and templates made? Sales letters, fliers, and even Presentations can take countless hours to put together. But with today’s resource, you can download all of the templates you can handle within seconds.

This seemingly magical mortgage marketing tools resource? Microsoft. That’s right, I use Microsoft’s own website when I need fresh templates or documents. Here is the link to their free download page:

Nothing to buy, just tens of thousands of downloadable user-generated content. Go ahead and have a look. When you click on the link, you’ll find a search field in the upper left corner.

From here you can type what you’re searching for: Postcards, Sales letters, PowerPoint slides. Heck, there’s even an entire section dedicated to real estate.

This means you can download forms, documents, and sales material and share it with your potential real estate partners. This allows you to being value to the table without spending a single penny.

All of the documents and sales material is easily edited or customized. This is a Microsoft website of course, so all of the documents will come pre-formatted using Word, Excel, Power-Point and other MS programs.

Go ahead and have a look, bookmark the website, and enjoy adding just one more source of mortgage marketing tools to your belt. Next time you’re considering setting up a new marketing campaign, visit the link above and see if you can save yourself a few hours.

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Source by Chad Weber