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International Student Marketing Tips

I thought with the NAFSA ( conference this week, it would be a good time to discuss some international marketing tips/strategies. The Chronicle of Higher Education stated it very well this morning… “all schools want to internationalize”.

The first thing to remember is always continuously reinforce your university’s image through consistent messaging, using various media outlets. Next, consider your international demographic audience, who is it? Is it undergrad, grad or both? After that has been considered, tailor your message appropriately.

Always showcase your campuses cultural diversity, and make sure to include the audience you are trying to target (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc). Some of the fastest growing international student population countries are Vietnam, China, India, Korea, and Kuwait (source NAFSA).

Here are some other tips that will help you have a successful International Marketing Campaign:

– consult with other peers in your field who have had successful campaigns (or feel free to email me) I give advice free of charge!

– start/maintain an aggressive branding campaign with website placements (with vendors you trust), and make sure that the placements include a diverse mix of international students

– consider purchasing shared or single source leads from vendors you trust, however this only works if there is an aggressive branding mechanism in place

– get involved with social media, set up international fan pages on facebook, use RSS (really simple syndication) to drive traffic to them, do the twitter thing, consistently message cultural diversity to international students, link back to your website

– make sure all dedicated “international” website pages are up to date and do include anything on events taken place in the past (you would be amazed how much you see that)

– attend conferences (NAFSA this week), etc….

– work with agents or a vendor who has relationships with agents (3 years ago you would not have thought this, but now the use of agents has exploded in the international recruiting world), as with anything there are good agents and bad agents

– consider print advertising in International Print guides, remember that internet access in certain countries might be scarce, expensive or non-existent

– lastly, be consistent with all of your messaging across the board

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Source by Matt Blum