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Marketing Product Strategies

Marketing Product Strategies generally consist of:

  • Product Strategies
  • Product Pricing Strategies
  • Promotional Strategies

Product Strategies

– You need to start off by defining who your product or service is aimed at.

– Next, when a potential customer visits your web site, before they will buy, they need to know what or how they will benefit from what you are selling.

– Next, how and where to position your product or service on the market is a vary important step. You need to do all the research into your product like who will be buying or who will benefit and position your product according to that research.

– Next, you need to clearly define, to your potential customers, what the advantages are of your product or service over your competitors.

Learning how to understand the values consumers put on individual products is key to getting your products and services noticed.

Product Pricing Strategies

-First, what are your current and future projected costs?

-Second, what are the price sensitivities of your buyers?

-Third, what is your competition doing? Where is their pricing at? And how are the promoting it?

-Fourth, what is your product life-cycle?

Developing a Product Pricing Strategy can be easy or difficult. Follow the plan above, and do your research, and it should be an easy task.

Promotional Strategies

-You want to figure out who you are first because your image is how other people will see you.

-Decide what your product is? A theme or message you want to communicate to your buyers in your promotional effort.

-Decide who you want to attract with your promotions.

-What will you be trying to accomplish with your promotions.

Developing a Promotional Strategy is quite labor intense, but doing the research can be what makes or brakes your campaign.

Remember, the best campaigns always start with research, research, and more research.

Source by Daniel Gooder