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Marketing Strategy For the Band

If you are involved in a band and you are having problems either getting the gigs you want or making the kind of money you want, and the problem is not your musical abilities, then you might want to examine your marketing techniques.  Most bands will come to realize with truthful examination that they have no marketing strategy. MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are useful tools, but in and of themselves are not marketing strategies.

So just what is a strategy and how do you go about implementing one?   First you have to have what I call step goals.  These are just smaller goals that when accomplished lead up to a major goal.  So if one of your major goals is to be the opening act for a major star, then you would implement a promotion campaign to get you there.  Now this is where most go wrong.  They believe that this promotion campaign should be about promoting the fact that they want to be an opening act.  That is not what I am saying.  I believe that you should be promoting yourself in a program that will lead to the credibility that will enable you the shot at the opening act. 

Credibility marketing is really about marketing your brand and not your music.  Now that is if you have adjusted to the fact that branding is more about what you stand for and not just about t-shirts, hats and logos.  Most bands falter here.  So this is how this works.  You and your band volunteer  for community service by backing some organization that is working in your area.  It may be a walk-a-thon for cancer or some other disease.  You may want to advertise the event on your website and volunteer to provide a free concert.  Or you may want to provide the water for the event.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Think of all the activities and organizations that you can volunteer to help out. 

Once you have done several of these, so you are not a one event wonder, you will be looked upon as different.  Next take that difference and approach the organization that you felt you made the biggest splash.  Let’s say it was the walk-a-thon for breast cancer.  Ask the organization if they would consider backing you with banners and fliers only if you could get a spot on the bill when the county fair is in progress.  Usually these fairs have name acts.  If this one doesn’t, do your best to play and try to parlay that into the State Fair the same way with the same organization.  This promotion is kind of back door.  You are really promoting the breast cancer group, however you are building credibility and getting exposure of your music.

Once you have taken these steps, and hopefully you have been able to play on the bill at the State Fair with a name act, take that to the next level.  What is the next level?  How big can you think?

Source by Roy Horne