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Marketing Through the Best of Social Media: Pinterest

Remember the days when every room you entered to had a pin board, each being more unique and personal from the other? Gone are those days because social media has taken over! The mention of social media is incomplete without taking Pinterest into consideration. So why are personals and professionals attracted to this social media site? Simply because there is no better way to communicate with over 10 million customers, all under one roof! With most of the customers logging in with the intention of making a purchase, it is in the best interest of companies to invest in the accurate marketing on Pinterest.

Marketing can be done in various ways, but you need to stick to those which attracts your customers the most. Let’s take a look at some of the Pinterest Marketing tips that are guaranteed to work.

1. Helpful descriptions

Pinterest allows you to write a description of 500 characters or less. As a writer, it is your duty to utilize the limit sensibly. You don’t want users drifting away from the products (admit it, most of us hate reading endless texts!) and neither would you want them to get confused because there is too less description. Maintaining a balance is essential, ideally between 200-250 words. Including keywords and hashtags is important when writing a description. Keywords allow users to search for the item and have an easier access to it.

2. Keep it neat and clean!

It works in the same way as the pin board. If you intend to post a hundred items, make sure you organize them appropriately. Whatever looks appealing to the eye wins the show on social media. When operating a business on Pinterest, it should be your priority to keep it simple, appealing and easy for the users to browse through. It also allows you to create multiple boards and categorize your content.

3. Engage your users

Since there is no physical contact with social media, you have to make your content captivating and engaging. Post pins that would interest your possible customers the most. Is the post still not grabbing the desired attention? Think outside the box. Reward the followers for sharing and create attractive giveaways. Make them so appealing that you wouldn’t have to invest in any more marketing strategies.

4. Keep the frequency in mind

Posting frequency is an important social media marketing strategy and needs to be taken religiously. So can we devise a perfect frequency? Unfortunately not! The perfect amount of frequency is what works best for you. However, to make it most effective there are some things you need to keep in mind. Long periods of absences can make the followers lose interest and the potential followers keep away from your brand. This doesn’t mean that you flood the board with your posts. Mass posting can be very annoying for the consumers. Keep pinning consistently!

Source by Nick S Curtis