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MLM Marketing Strategies – What MLM Marketing Strategies Work Online?

MLM marketing strategies are essential in order to successfully build your MLM business. Ive been asked many times, What should I do if I want to build my MLM biz online? I have a website, but how do I market it and get people to my sites?

There are several proven techniques that will help you market your network marketing website and get visitors and traffic to it. These are proven MLM marketing strategies and will work if you follow-through with them.These are specifically designed for the person new to online MLM. Here are the top five.

1) Write MLM articles. Commit to writing 5 articles a week about MLM topics. This is an extremely effective technique that will bring in consistent traffic to your MLM website. However, all too often, I see people write one or two articles and not see any results immediately and then quit. To consistently get results with this technique, I recommend charging on until you get 50 articles written and submitted to varies article directories. Yes, I said 50 articles! These MLM articles will generate traffic itself and also help to get whatever page you are linking to to get higher search engine rankings. This is a great, solid MLM marketing strategy that has been used for years.

2) Participate in MLM forums. Pick 5 MLM forums and create profiles there with your network marketing website in the resource box. Participate in those forums ever day by reading posts, writing your own commentary to posts on there and perhaps even creating your own thought provoking posts. Create 3-5 posts for yourself on these forums each day.

3) MLM video marketing. Ahhh yes, creating your very own MLM Videos for distribution all over the Internet. This might be a little intimidating for some, but there is no need to be. You dont even necessarily need to be a talking head as I call them on the internet. There is free software out there that will record an image on your screen and your voice. You could put together a very simple power point presentation and simply speak. Once done, you can distribute your video to sites like YouTube, or use a free service called TubeMogul and have your video distributed to several video sharing sites. So, create one video a week and distribute it across the internet.

4) MLM social networking. Getting into the Social Networking scene for MLM marketing with sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Go ahead and create a profile on those sites and interact with people on there. Social Networking sites are for networking and building business relationships and establishing a presence. These sites are not to send spam out about your website or multilevel marketing opportunity.

5) MLM PPC marketing. Did I say pay-per-click marketing? Yes I did absolutely. No, its not a free strategy, but I feel strongly that any money you make with your MLM funded proposal should be funneled back into paid advertising. This will in turn generate more targeted MLM traffic and more MLM leads and more money via your funded proposal.

Its not an absolute beginner strategy, but virtually every six-figure earner in the online network marketing industry uses PPC marketing to generate leads for their business. Yes, it does take a small monthly budget, but if you learn this skill and how to market in MLM with this, you will achieve financial freedom for life. I wold recommend starting out, if you can afford it, with a minimum of $50 a month budget. Remember to re-invest your funded proposal earnings back into your PPC budget and see it grow on a monthly basis.

OK, so there you have it,step-by-step MLM marketing strategies and MLM marketing tools. Go after it and good luck!

Source by Kurt Henninger