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New Marketing Strategies for Hospitals

Every year, hundreds of private medical clinics open up giving hospitals a run for their money. In order to withstand tough competition, hospitals have embarked on marketing campaign to improve public awareness. The motive is simple, to draw new patients and retain the existing ones. However, hospitals are finding it hard to combat, what is called fierce rivalry between them and private clinics. Few hospitals have managed to carve a niche for themselves, but reality is that at bigger scale, patients are turning towards private clinics for treatment. Why? Simply because private practices offer same treatment at lower costs. In addition, they use modern technology to lure patients. As a hospital authority, in such scenario, you bound to have sleepless nights. Do not worry. New marketing strategies have come up to give you new lease of life.

What’s the point of marketing when you don’t have a website for your hospital? A website is one of the powerful marketing strategies that help in spreading awareness. Having a website can be a big weapon in your arsenal. But, first things first, you should have a motive behind creating a website. If it’s for patients then your priority should be providing information on health related issues and remedies. If it’s for doctors then there should be enough resources for them like upcoming events, training sessions, relevant news, community opportunities, research opportunities, referral events, etc.

Content rules. Follow this and you will never fail. Always develop content seeking your audience’s preference, what actually they are looking for. Take a survey asking people what they expect from a hospital’s website. Sometimes, one simple question can answer various aspects. Do not make the mistake of mingling physician resources with patient resources.

Now you have a website filled with crucial information for both patients and doctors. But, what if it does not show in search results of leading search engines? Search Engine Optimization’s role is critical here. Investing in SEO would do wonders for you, if you hire the experts. With tools such as a meaningful page title, description, and on-page SEO strategy, they can make your hospital website visible in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Not only this, patients and doctors will have easy access to your website.

Write blogs. If employees and physicians can’t write, hire medical content writers. Marketing departments writing your medical blogs are a strict no. The purpose of blog development should be to inform patients and doctors about the recent happenings and developments at your hospital. Make sure the content in relevant featuring health and technology literacy.

Never forget, hospital marketing should always fit in the organization objectives. Once you have done the marketing part correctly, people will make a note of your hospital and services

Source by Larry Holman