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Here in Jamaica, I did not meet upon the phenomenon of ‘cold-calling’ whilst building my network marketing business. My team members and I just used three main advertising methods to get an average of 150 persons calling each of us per week.

We funneled these prospects into a combination of introductory meetings and follow-up trainings to create duplication and build our businesses profitably. It wasn’t easy but it was simple, effective and profitable for those of us who stuck with it.

When I switched to internet network marketing, I knew the same principles would be needed. Getting my past average of 150 serious MLM leads to look at my MLM opportunity had to be handled differently over the internet and I set about learning how my upline did it.

Inside of a month, I knew that cold-calling was not for me. I admit it. I didn’t like being hung up on. I didn’t like feeling like I was bugging people, even though they requested additional information.

There had to be a way to meet and distinguish who was ready and able to start building their business and who wasn’t, even over the internet. I needed MLM lead training! My job was to find out what online mlm lead training existed and how others who felt the same way I did were building their internet network marketing home based businesses successfully.

You may now be at this same cross-roads I was at a few short months ago. How are you dealing with being hung up on? What real results are you getting from buying MLM leads and cold calling them, other than wondering if you’re mad to be so persistent in calling persons who don’t want to talk to you?

Chin up! I’m proud of you for persisting even when you don’t feel like it. But there is a better way to do things, always. If you’re ready to explore a completely different and effective way to build your MLM network marketing lead generation list, treat yourself to real information and training that teaches you how to earn upfront profits whilst building your business.

Source by Angela Chen Shui