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Top Ten Article Marketing Tips

Content is king. So, if content is king – and most of the internet marketing world would likely agree it is – then marketing an online business with content is certain to be a success if done right. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons article marketing is arguably one of the hottest forms of marketing […]

Affiliate Marketing – The Difference Between Publishers and Advertisers

There is some confusion about affiliate marketing and it is important to know that there are two sides. Typically the terminology revolves around “publishers” and “advertisers.” While the ultimate goal of making money is the common theme among these titles, there are several differences that you must know about before diving into affiliate marketing. Do […]

3 Things Business Owners Can Learn From Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffett is a master marketer. In a business where there are far more “one-hit wonders” than stars who remain relevant over multiple decades, Buffett has carved out a profitable niche. He has put strategy before tactics, and then crushed it on just about every tactic he’s executed. There are seven authors who have reached […]

Goal-Setting Guidelines For Your Fitness Marketing Plan

Goal-setting is an important part of any person’s life and especially important when you are running a business of any kind. These principles apply across all industries. When goal-setting for your fitness marketing plan, it’s important to follow proper goal-setting methods so that you can propel your business ahead to where you want to be. […]