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Social Media Marketing: The Potential and the Benefits

It goes without saying that the Internet, with its advent, has streamlined the methods of brand promotion. Today, a business is accessible from any single corner of the globe, it ultimately brings a huge difference in the traditional reach of businesses where they used to be confined only to the areas of their operations. Things have positively changed, today we have online social media that lets us tap this opportunity to the best. It has resulted in a congenial environment where not merely opportunities, but also the means to exploit them are growing every day.

Now what matters the most is how well you are making use of the available potential of social media to strengthen your expansion strategies. It is no more enough to have merely a website, you are required to exploit all opportunities arisen from social media to expand the reach of your businesses. Active participation in online communities is sure to reward you with the benefits of promotion.

With the tremendous success of social community websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace etc., the scope for SMM (Social Media Marketing) has grown manifold. The best part is that unlike Google’s IP based SEO algorithm, SMM is fruitful even when you do it from your local area. A single Tweet you post on Twitter can be retwetted from any country in the world. Similarly, a simple video that you upload to YouTube can be viewed by anyone looking for similar things almost anywhere in the world. This is where it gives you a benefit over search engines’ IP based ranking algorithm.

Promotions done through online communities will be giving you two ways benefits. The first is that you get an instant benefit of spreading your brand in the whole world and the second is that it, in the long run, will assist you in your SEO campaigns through link-juice. Make note that by actively participating in it, you are directly making your business visible to more and more potential viewers, users and, of course, customers in the end. An integrated marketing communication, for instance social media, coordinates very well with any kind of promotional elements like- public relations, publicity, advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and sales promotion.

Opportunities are growing even more with the available accessibility of almost all online social community websites even from mobile phone, smart phones and PDAs. One can easily stay connected even while on the go. It, too, leaves a positive impact of the potential of SMM.

Source by James Godwin