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Social Media Marketing – Tradition Meets Modern Media

Marketing is a powerful tool in terms of turning your business into a success. One of the more popular elements of marketing is Promotions as it informs people about your product, what need your product addresses, what sets your product apart from your competitors, and why they should purchase your product. Basically, we are made aware of a product, a service, or a company by this branch of marketing.

Promotions takes advantage of media to get their preferred messages across. There are traditional forms of media like print ads, television ads, and radio ads among others. There are also newer forms of media such as blogs, ad spaces in websites, and all the other marketing opportunities all over the internet.

The cumulative act of promotions and marketing in social media websites is called social media marketing. This type of marketing is gaining popularity these days as it is a highly specialized marketing tool. That is, it targets a very specific age group with the same likes, preferences, and attitudes. In other words it is easier for companies to reach their desired target niche through this type of marketing.

Social media takes advantage of websites, keywords, forums, online groups, and other entities on the internet that cater to specific types of people, and penetrates them through blatant or more elusive ads or marketing tools.

This is in-line with the traditional ideology of creating marketing tools that are directed towards a more specific type of people rather than the general public. This marketing strategy has been known to be more effective as it convinces the target market to actually take positive action (like subscribing to the service, purchasing the product, or promoting the idea) because they are interested about the service or product and are more likely to appreciate it. Targeted marketing strategies are much more convincing because they “preach to the right people”.

Social media marketing makes it easier to find your target niche, create marketing tools that they would respond to, and actually determine what your target niche likes or dislikes about your current offering.

In this modern, fast-paced world, where everything seems to be changing at a rapid pace, social media marketing makes it possible to apply traditional ideas more easily and more effectively to get more positive results.

Source by TJ Corruthers