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Marketing Communication – The 6 Primary Forms of Marketing Communication You Can Employ to Promote

Marketing and Promotion can occur through various avenues. Creativity not withstanding, all marketing and promotion can be categorized in 1 of 6 primary forms. These 6 primary forms of marketing communication are as follows: 1. Media Media marketing communication refers to any traditional mass distribution broadcast or publication with a large volume of viewers, listeners, […]

Cost-Effective Marketing For Museums

Museums may be non-profit bastions of culture and art, but they still rely on membership and donor acquisition to operate. Restoring paintings, protecting sculptures, and providing educational programs to the community at large all eat away at museum budgets. With constantly rising competition, museum marketing departments must be as effective as possible to keep the […]

Marketing Ideas For Financial Services

When you work with people’s finances, people tend to me a bit more sensitive than when making purchases of another nature. Whether you’re a financial advisor, banker or offer a financial product, reaching your target audience is more about forming a relationship with them through your marketing efforts than it is accomplishing a transaction. Financial […]

Email Marketing Techniques – 3 Strategies to Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which electronic mails are used as a source of commercial communication or to raise fund from the customers. Any email that is sent to the existing or the current customers are considered as email marketing. Most of the companies prefer email marketing techniques because: – They […]