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Consumer Direct Marketing

Consumer Direct Marketing is the form of marketing in which the consumer is the direct target of the communications related with products and services. In this age of Information explosion there are various channels for advertising directly with the consumers and this is the prime reason for increasing popularity. Cell Phone Text messaging, email, interactive […]

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is referred to as the messages and the media used to relate those messages to the market. There are many ways in which you can communicate with the market namely through personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, advertising, direct marketing and so on. In this article, we shall look at a few […]

Marketing Analysis – Reaching and Satisfying Customers’ Needs

Without customers, no business venture can flourish. It therefore becomes imperative for a business to conduct market analysis or research to determine whether their products or services will be accepted by customers. One way of conducting market analysis is by collecting views from customers before releasing any product or service. Market analysis requires a thorough […]

Direct Marketing

A great number has been said about direct marketing. Both advantages and disadvantages of this kind of marketing are laid out in several books or references so that people are educated. Regardless of what books or references say, one thing is very clear. Direct marketing is here to stay. So what is the fuss all […]

The Global Marketing Environment

Global marketing Environment is a complex term to explain because it is covering all the issues of world that are continuously changing. To explain the true present picture of the Environment it’s necessary to go through the most up-to-date literature and study the current changes. This chapter is giving the idea about the today’s marketing […]

Internet Marketing – Its Advantages and Disadvantages

There are different names that can be used to refer to internet marketing. These names are online marketing, i-marketing or e-marketing. The term internet marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services via internet. The greatest impact which comes with e-marketing is that it has really facilitated sales of goods and services globally. Having […]

Successful Niche Marketing

Building a niche market is the most successful way to develop your business. What do we mean by a niche market? This is a highly specialized business that will be centered around a unique market. Ideally you will have less competition and more demand to make this type of business succeed. Finding a niche business: […]