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The Global Marketing Environment

Global marketing Environment is a complex term to explain because it is covering all the issues of world that are continuously changing. To explain the true present picture of the Environment it’s necessary to go through the most up-to-date literature and study the current changes. This chapter is giving the idea about the today’s marketing […]

Top 10 International Marketing Mistakes!

The best reason for exporting a product or service is to globalize your company and prosper in the millennium. It can happen for you, but you will probably need to evolve a whole new set of business attitudes and assumptions. If you want to achieve success with your export sales efforts, then check yourself on […]

Online Marketing – Cost Effective and Efficient

Digital marketing, more commonly known as the online marketing, is the marketing that mostly relies on internet marketing as it is comparatively cost effective and efficient in reaching out to global clients and customers. Also, since the targeted audience fairly looks forward to a more comfortable marketing experience, online marketing, today, has become an indispensable […]

Global Marketing: 5 Steps to Succession

Companies decide to expand their organizations globally and are unsuccessful because they fail to realize one very important thing. They do not change their marketing efforts to adapt to those of another country. Some people feel one country’s values, beliefs, culture, economic conditions and competitive conditions are not very different from another. But a message […]

Global Marketing Strategies – Short Term Vs Long Term Goals

Network marketing is like a relationship with your significant other. When you were younger, you may have dated different people and it just didn’t work out because of all sorts of reasons. The biggest reason though is you didn’t know what you wanted from the relationship. I think you’ll agree that people who don’t set […]