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The Two Pillars of Customer-Centric Marketing

The epicenter of marketing has changed. We now live in a customer-centric world: everything from Google’s changes this year to its SEO algorithm, which awards user-centric search experiences, to the shift to content marketing in which brands work overtime to give valuable information to potential clients. And if you follow these customer-centric plastic surgery marketing […]

Marketing Local Business Online – How Do I Implement Inbound Marketing?

What comprises Inbound Marketing? Marketing Local Business online is where qualified customers are looking for you. Not long ago in a HubSpot blog post, Rick Burnes suggested an intertwined relationship between three main Components of Inbound Marketing. This is how I see it: Inbound Marketing Content Content is the substance of Inbound Marketing. Content is […]

Outbound Vs Inbound Internet Marketing Strategies

Outbound marketing strategies push your message out to your target market. Inbound marketing strategies pulls your target market to you. Outbound feels intrusive. Inbound feels like a company cares. With outbound marketing strategies, you get your message out through product focused advertising and promotions; sales efforts; organizational public and media relations; customer service and customer […]

Theories of Interactive Marketing

Understanding the differences between Inbound and Outbound Marketing and how each contributes to a marketing campaign is essential to success. Inbound refers to marketing that focuses on getting found by customers. Outbound refers to marketing focused on placement and reaching new clients. There are many components that make up Inbound marketing which include content, social […]

Best Internet Marketing Strategies Books: Why You Need Them and Where to Get Them

Online marketing is surely not a smooth flow for newbies. The good news is that there are several books that offer a great deal of help to individuals inspired to start an online business. The best internet marketing strategies books are what you should actually be looking for if you are a newbie and really […]