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Four Essential Marketing Plan Components

Preparing a Marketing Plan for your product or service is a real eye-opening experience. While we all hope that our product or service will appeal to the masses, the truth is, that may not happen. Assembling a Marketing Plan first and foremost forces you to clearly define what you are selling. From there, you define […]

Cost-Effective Marketing For Museums

Museums may be non-profit bastions of culture and art, but they still rely on membership and donor acquisition to operate. Restoring paintings, protecting sculptures, and providing educational programs to the community at large all eat away at museum budgets. With constantly rising competition, museum marketing departments must be as effective as possible to keep the […]

Evaluating Your Marketing Program For Success – 7 Key Indicators You Need to Know

If you want to increase your revenues and profits, then revving up your marketing engine makes the most sense, right? Well, hold on a minute. Before you touch that throttle, do you have the instruments that tell you how your marketing engine is doing? What we’re talking about here is called a Marketing Performance Dashboard. […]

Commercial Print As a Business Marketing Strategy

Brochures, catalogs, sales aid prints, billboards, etc., are all examples of commercial print that is used to publicize a company’s products and services. The biggest question in the mind of several marketing managers is whether they should hire a marketing firm for these prints or not. The answer is a resonating YES! Commercial printing done […]

Innovative Marketing Ideas – 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Guerrilla marketing is a term used to describe unconventional marketing tactics, particularly those with low cost or no cost, which rely on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget, so they are ideal for the cash-strapped small business in the present economic climate. The idea is to target customers in unexpected places, […]