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How to Sabotage Your Marketing Plan

Every successful business is defined by an effective marketing plan. Without some kind of marketing strategy a business is without direction. An important component of any business strategy is defining exactly how your business intends to attract customers to its goods or services. This is the key to making a profit. Marketing plans are the […]

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Activities

Gone are the days when Marketers would measure the reach of their adverts, one medium at a time. As media fragmentation gathers pace brand owners should be focussing on integrated marketing campaigns. People are now surrounded by online and offline media, which can all be used as marketing platforms. Considering this, it’s understandable that adverts […]

Free Online Marketing Solutions

Today, it is not just enough to have a web presence in the form of a professional website that gives details about your business. To get the best returns for your business, you will also need to play a huge role in marketing your business services or products. Fortunately, apart from opening business avenues, the […]

Strategies For Marketing On The Social Web

No one can deny the fact that communication with customers is of the utmost importance to every internet marketer. Blogging has opened up doors to attain effective communication with customers. The social media emerges as the latest and most promising method to fulfill this aim. Marketing on the social web paves the way to new […]