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Why Integrated Marketing Communications is Essential for Small Businesses

How can Integrated Marketing Communications help me, the small business owner? Integrated Marketing Communication is essential to small business owners because they, even more so than large corporations can not afford to misspend or waste money on a single isolated marketing effort. For instance, as a small business owner, it may be tempting to focus […]

Avoiding Marketing Disasters

Managing a business requires a very different set of skills to those needed for planning a business. This can be seen most clearly within franchise businesses whereby-with a good “blueprint”- franchise owners, who do not necessarily posses an in-depth history of business development, can manage very successful, ongoing enterprises. The blueprint-essentially a definition of the […]

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is referred to as the messages and the media used to relate those messages to the market. There are many ways in which you can communicate with the market namely through personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, advertising, direct marketing and so on. In this article, we shall look at a few […]

B2B Email Marketing

Successful B2B Email Marketing Email marketing is an extremely effective marketing medium in B2B business scenarios. Unlike consumer marketing where customers are innumerable, customers are easily identified and limited in any B2B. Since the number of people to be addressed is limited, and contact details obtained relatively easily, Email marketing can be leveraged with potent […]

Benefits of Web Based Marketing

Internet marketing differs from conventional marketing communications because of the digital medium used for communications. The following characterize this digital medium: It is interactive Because the customer initiates contact and is actively looking for information, the marketer will have his undivided attention during his visit to the company website. The specific requirements of the customer […]