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Marketing Exam Success

Imagine you are sitting in the marketing exam. The question paper is on the desk and you have been told to wait until you can start. That is the worst time. Trying to remember the quotes, names, models etc etc. Will the revision pay off? There are a few key steps to take right now […]

Direct Marketing

A great number has been said about direct marketing. Both advantages and disadvantages of this kind of marketing are laid out in several books or references so that people are educated. Regardless of what books or references say, one thing is very clear. Direct marketing is here to stay. So what is the fuss all […]

Winning Marketing Concepts Made Easy!

There’s nothing more vital to having a successful winning product that will improve your bottom line than having a winning marketing concept. All too often, products that have been promoted and hyped as being the “next big thing” have fallen on their faces because of having a poor marketing concepts. An example the author mentions […]

Meaning, Understanding, and Scope of Marketing

Marketing is a human activity. The origin of marketing is as old as humanity. During the primitive and antiquity age, individuals or families exchanged the farm produce they had for those items they didn’t have. As the society developed, designated objects such as cowries, beads, feathers, etc. were use in exchange for goods and services. […]

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Following considerable research and analysis, I am now convinced that mobile marketing is not only the latest fad but becoming the ultimate marketing concept in the 21st century. Why? If you are employed in a company or working for a brand then you will be pretty aware of the following: 1: A humongous portion of […]

Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is just as similar as mixing ingredients for a cake. When it comes to baking, you mix in the eggs, sugar, flour, baking soda and baking powder. On the other hand, marketing mix involves you to mix four different P’s. The four P’s would be the product, process, place and promotion. With four […]