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Internet Marketing Strategies: Top Ten Effective Ways To Market Your Business Online

Let’s face it: There’s a lot of competition online when it comes to marketing a product or business. There are a lot of businesses vying for the same consumer dollar. In order to see if you are running an effective Internet Marketing Strategy ask yourself the following questions and check to see if you know […]

Internet Marketing Strategies – Internet Marketing Tips to Live By

Internet marketing strategies is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. It is an act of achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies. Through the use of marketing strategies, an individual can attract more people to his website, increase customers for his business and enhance branding of his company and products. Below are […]

Auto Repair Marketing – 4 Auto Repair Advertising Ideas

So, you want to get more cars in your shop to increase your revenues is that correct? Auto repair marketing via the internet is a great way to get more local customers into your shop! Online marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, and with phone books and Yellow Pages fast […]

What’s the BEST Network Marketing Training Book or Course?

As a network marketing consultant and marketing trainer, I get asked this question a lot: What really is the BEST network marketing (home based business) training book, course, or program out there? That’s a pretty big question because there are many different books and courses out there that supposedly teach people how to build a […]

The 5 Unsexy Reasons You Need a Marketing Plan

No one is talking about the marketing plan anymore. It doesn’t have any sex appeal. That’s because marketing communicators, online marketers and bloggers have overwhelmed businesses with talk of glitzy social media, SEO, pay-per-click, mobile advertising and all things digital. But everything you do should be a part of an integrated marketing strategy. Using random […]

Internet Marketing Employment: Tips on Entering the Field of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing employment, online marketing employment or internet marketing jobs (or whatever else they are called) are proliferating. Any business that has internet presence needs somebody to take care of their website or posts. The good thing about these jobs is that the employees can stay at home and still work. The large number of […]