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Travel Marketing Tips For the Sales Rep

Sales representatives in the travel trade have one thing in common – they’re expected to step outside and bring in the business through the door. I remember when I was first hired, my boss said, ‘OK, there’s the door, go bring in the business!’. In this article, I will offer simple yet effective tips and […]

Product and Marketing Strategy

How do companies develop a legitimate product marketing strategy? By developing a product and pricing strategy. Product, Pricing and Services Sales Plan– What can you do to improve the performance and marketability of you product? You will need to intellectually understand the characteristics of your product and incorporate these into your plan to develop and […]

Techniques of Cluster Marketing

If you turn on your “Go Back In Time” machine, you’ll find that Cluster Marketing has been around for a long  time.  Little has changed over the centuries since the business world stumbled upon the concept.  In its simplest definition Cluster Marketing means, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” In other words, […]