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Avoiding Marketing Disasters

Managing a business requires a very different set of skills to those needed for planning a business. This can be seen most clearly within franchise businesses whereby-with a good “blueprint”- franchise owners, who do not necessarily posses an in-depth history of business development, can manage very successful, ongoing enterprises. The blueprint-essentially a definition of the […]

Marketing Plan – Overview For Voluntary Organizations, Community Services, Churches and Schools

A marketing plan is needed for the effectiveness and success of voluntary organizations, community services, religious groups and schools. There is a simple overview, which will assist those responsible with the plan. It is best followed sequentially. The marketing plan has 7 steps: 1. Define what your organization has to offer 2. Define your target […]

Ethical Marketing Fundamentals

To encourage ethical behavior within your marketing group, you have developed a set of guidelines for the managing of your company’s distribution network and product pricing. Ethical marketing can be defined as ‘a process through which companies generate customer interest in products/services, build strong customer interest/relationships, and create value for all stakeholders by incorporating social […]

The 5 Uncontrollable Environmental Forces

There are two aspects of marketing that marketers have to understand and work with. These two factors are the controllable factors which are known as the four Ps of marketing; price, promotion, place, and product, and the uncontrollable factors, social, economic, technological, regulatory, and competition. An organization has complete control of the controllable factors, however, […]

Marketing Mix

The term “marketing mix” is perhaps the most notorious in marketing arenas worldwide! Its elements are basic, and it’s highly likely in any plan that all factors will generally fall into one of its four tactical components of product, price, place, and promotion. The concept is also interchangeably known as The Four Ps (for obvious […]