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Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Activities

Gone are the days when Marketers would measure the reach of their adverts, one medium at a time. As media fragmentation gathers pace brand owners should be focussing on integrated marketing campaigns. People are now surrounded by online and offline media, which can all be used as marketing platforms. Considering this, it’s understandable that adverts […]

Your Integrated Marketing Communication Plan in Six Steps

An integrated marketing communication plan is a systematic approach in which all your business communication with your customers and stakeholders is consolidated under a single theme or brand. Every ad, promotion, press release or online message must be a part of a bigger consistent message. This cohesiveness will give your clients the feeling that your […]

Marketing Campaign: How to Come Up With One

Any business will never be able to survive without any form of marketing. But staging a marketing campaign isn’t easy. If you aren’t careful, it can bring your business down and drain all your finances. To come up with a foolproof marketing campaign for your business, take note of these tips: 1. Create a marketing […]

Marketing to Minorities

The minority population in the United States is steadily growing. The 2000 census shows that whites make up only a little under 70% of the population with 30% being minority. This 30% of the population makes up for huge marketing potential and growth for business that have not ventured into this sector before. In 2006 […]

Video Marketing With YouTube

Video marketing is taking off as one of the most important and one of the most effective methods of online promotion. If you know how to utilize this effectively, you can see some truly great results for your online business. YouTube is the number one place to go to on the Internet for videos of […]