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4 P’s of Marketing and the Simplest Marketing Mix Definition

Definitions of marketing and the marketing mix do not have to be overly complicated. The marketing mix definition traditionally included the 4 P’s of marketing which are product, people, place and price. Now, you can find marketing mix definitions which include 8 P’s of marketing and beyond. Although understanding the 4 P’s of marketing is […]

Marketing and Advertising – Similarities and Differences

Small business owners tend to confuse marketing and advertising as the same thing. Advertising is a very important component of marketing but not the same. Marketing is the process of creating customer interest in products and services. Marketing generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication and business development. Marketing is the whole package […]

Write Annual Marketing Plan in 90 Minutes

Ideally, marketing planning is like career or job planning. The development of the annual marketing strategy, whether it is for an internet/ecommerce business or offline business, should be done at the end of the year. It should be based on market research. This applies to small as well as corporate businesses and not for profit […]

7 Ps of Marketing – How Does It Relate to Internet Marketing?

Marketing strategies have been around for a long time. The internet however has not. Yet a vast majority of marketing is now done online. So how do the 7P’s of marketing relate to Internet Marketing? The concept of the 4P’s has been taught in various business classes for a very long time. This traditional line […]

Traditional Marketing – An Introduction to Offline Marketing – Part 1

The Art of Marketing as a whole Marketing is the process of establishing which products or services that might attract certain customers, and then determining what strategy to use to promote them. This mutual procedure is intended to create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to obtain trust and recognition within […]

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing term is used to describe the various means of communicating with the target audience and prospective ones. It is one of the key elements in marketing mix, which helps a company to create awareness of its products and services to gain a better ROI. The main purpose of marketing it to inform, persuade […]