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Make Your Internet Marketing Competitive

New advances in internet technology and an increasingly higher number of internet shoppers give businesses a powerful tool to advertise their product, grow their brand, create a reputation and reach an unprecedented number of potential buyers. Internet access has become more affordable and access more readily available. This allows shoppers at all income levels the […]

Auto Repair Marketing – 4 Auto Repair Advertising Ideas

So, you want to get more cars in your shop to increase your revenues is that correct? Auto repair marketing via the internet is a great way to get more local customers into your shop! Online marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, and with phone books and Yellow Pages fast […]

MBA Sports Marketing

MBA sports marketing is a post graduate program designed to provide students with an understanding of the products and services applied in sports events and contemporary marketing principles. Basically, MBA sports marketing is a specialty of general marketing providing an in-depth knowledge in the sports industry. Nowadays, sports marketing is one of the fastest growing […]

Strategies For Internet Marketing Beginners

If you have been considering utilizing the internet to further develop your business there are some things you should understand in order to be as effective as possible with your internet marketing. Internet marketing beginners often become overwhelmed with all the different approaches to this marketing approach, if you follow some basic principles then you […]

Small Business Internet Marketing

3 Keys That Create A Foundation Small business internet marketing provides small-business owners and service providers with several inexpensive, viable, and high-return marketing opportunities. This article will identify 3 critical yet easy to ignore Internet marketing tactics that can each help a business get more customers. More importantly, these tactics lay the groundwork for other […]

Marketing Mix For Internet Marketing

When you are ready to take your business on-line, the same marketing principles apply to internet marketing. It is the distribution channels that are different. In this article, I will discuss using the traditional off-line marketing mix, the 4Ps, in internet marketing. Product. The internet marketer should find his ideal product or service to promote. […]

Is Your Company Marketing Strategy Current?

Marketing has changed a lot in the past few years. Many marketing principles that used to seem to work like a charm are now, for the most part, obsolete. Unfortunately, not all companies realise this and still use their old standby methods. Many new marketing tools are out there and marketing costs are not just […]