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Peer Review Articles in Marketing Research

The use of peer review articles in marketing research is a really good way to find information. There are a lot of articles out there that were created by marketing peers and the competition. Let us take a look at three ways you can use this information to your benefit. 1) Company Information – When […]

Marketing Environment

Marketing is all about doing primary and secondary research to identify needs and wants of customers and satisfy or surprise them by developing and offering the product in the market. These marketing research (needs and wants, segmentation, targeting, marketing environments) facilitate the employees working on product development, they do further research and development on provided […]

Marketing Analysis – Reaching and Satisfying Customers’ Needs

Without customers, no business venture can flourish. It therefore becomes imperative for a business to conduct market analysis or research to determine whether their products or services will be accepted by customers. One way of conducting market analysis is by collecting views from customers before releasing any product or service. Market analysis requires a thorough […]

Insurance Marketing Research – Top Secrets of Annuity Marketing Analysis

The insurance marketing research I reveal on annuity marketing analysis is not available anywhere. You can get the top secrets found by intense analyzing of insurance annuity marketing research right now. The Question? Just how many agents can a single annuity marketing company or firm recruit?  Some marketing firms do not get it, they honestly […]

Benefits of Web Based Marketing

Internet marketing differs from conventional marketing communications because of the digital medium used for communications. The following characterize this digital medium: It is interactive Because the customer initiates contact and is actively looking for information, the marketer will have his undivided attention during his visit to the company website. The specific requirements of the customer […]