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Does Bum Marketing Still Work?

Does Bum marketing still work? That’s a question worth asking if you’re considering giving it a spin. After all, writing articles takes time and effort, so you want to make sure all that energy pays off. The answer to this one is easy. Oh my God yes! It works like a charm! Bum marketing is […]

Small Business Marketing Plans – How to Overcome the Stumbling Blocks

If you want to be successful at marketing your small business then basically you need a marketing plan. When you do not have a marketing plan it is usually due to one of four stumbling blocks and this article will show you how to overcome these. Marketing plans do not have to be complicated or […]

3 Social Marketing Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

Social marketing and utilizing web 2.0 properties like Facebook, Digg, and Squidoo are here to stay. If you aren’t incorporating social marketing into your internet marketing traffic generation plan you’re going to be left behind. Here are three reasons you need to use social marketing. 1. Borrowing Another Site’s Authority Search engines like Google and […]