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Network Marketing Jobs

Basically network marketing jobs are similar to that any of the established corporation. You are your own boss and therefore, responsible only to yourself for your actions. This type of business is not only highly profitable but also exciting plus the added advantage of being able to reach out to so many network participants coming […]

Does Bum Marketing Still Work?

Does Bum marketing still work? That’s a question worth asking if you’re considering giving it a spin. After all, writing articles takes time and effort, so you want to make sure all that energy pays off. The answer to this one is easy. Oh my God yes! It works like a charm! Bum marketing is […]

International Student Marketing Tips

I thought with the NAFSA ( conference this week, it would be a good time to discuss some international marketing tips/strategies. The Chronicle of Higher Education stated it very well this morning… “all schools want to internationalize”. The first thing to remember is always continuously reinforce your university’s image through consistent messaging, using various media […]

The Two Pillars of Customer-Centric Marketing

The epicenter of marketing has changed. We now live in a customer-centric world: everything from Google’s changes this year to its SEO algorithm, which awards user-centric search experiences, to the shift to content marketing in which brands work overtime to give valuable information to potential clients. And if you follow these customer-centric plastic surgery marketing […]

Marketing Basics

Rifle Approach The least expensive marketing approach is the rifle. Businesses that choose this approach are able to select their target market (niche group). Developing a compelling message to address the audience is the next step. In some circles, this is ‘Direct Marketing’. Identify the target market’s lifestyle and demographic related markets for your business. […]

Network Marketing Tips and Strategies – How to Use the GIST Technique to Increase Your Retail Sales

Everybody knows building a network marketing home based business isn’t easy, especially for those distributors who are just getting started. Everybody says its important to have many network marketing tips and strategies to effectively build a MLM business. I just found out about an effective and easy way to retail products that will help a […]