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Network Marketing Using the Internet

InterNetwork Marketing… Internet-Network Marketing… MLM online… It doesn’t matter what you call it. All that matters is that you begin to see the kind of leverage the Internet can give you when building your business. The Internet allows average people build massive downlines in less than 2 years. Normally in traditional network marketing it would […]

Network Marketing is Today’s Business Model

Network Marketing is a viable business model that generates significant income for millions of people worldwide. It is all about sales and distribution, but a different kind of sales. Network marketing isn’t about taking advantage of your friends and relatives but is a people-to-people business that can significantly expand your circle of friends. Network Marketing […]

Online MLM Lead Training – Internet Network Marketing, MLM Lead Generation Without the Stress

Here in Jamaica, I did not meet upon the phenomenon of ‘cold-calling’ whilst building my network marketing business. My team members and I just used three main advertising methods to get an average of 150 persons calling each of us per week. We funneled these prospects into a combination of introductory meetings and follow-up trainings […]

How to Build Belief in Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Building belief in your network marketing opportunity is one of the most important factors in determining the success or failure of a network marketing distributor. Many people get started in network marketing and a specific network marketing opportunity because of the income potential. However, if you don’t start to realize that potential right away, it […]

Network Marketing – Discover the Three Main Challenges in Network Marketing

What are the challenges of the network marketing business? Right now, I’ll share with you some of the challenges that network marketers face in their business and why you need to be able to overcome these challenges in order to have even the slightest chance of success. 1. Fraud Companies A lot of network marketing […]

What’s the BEST Network Marketing Training Book or Course?

As a network marketing consultant and marketing trainer, I get asked this question a lot: What really is the BEST network marketing (home based business) training book, course, or program out there? That’s a pretty big question because there are many different books and courses out there that supposedly teach people how to build a […]