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3 Social Marketing Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

Social marketing and utilizing web 2.0 properties like Facebook, Digg, and Squidoo are here to stay. If you aren’t incorporating social marketing into your internet marketing traffic generation plan you’re going to be left behind. Here are three reasons you need to use social marketing. 1. Borrowing Another Site’s Authority Search engines like Google and […]

Social Media: An Important Tool in Network Marketing

Social Media and Network Marketing Social Marketing is defined as method of driving traffic (potential clients or customers) through the use of networks or outlets. Social Media is an important tool that can help generate web visitors and eventually convert these visitors into customers and long-term revenue. Network marketing, sometimes referred to as MLM, is […]

Social Marketing Theory

Social marketing theory is really quite simple. All these marketing agencies and advertisers are trying to tell you that it’s big job and it costs lots and lots of money. The truth of the matter is that social marketing is about making friends. As simple as that. What happens when you over complicate social marketing […]

Strategic Internet Marketing Plans – 8 Marketing Channels For Reaching the World

Strategic Internet Marketing Plans are ideal for the small business that wants to powerfully leverage the web in such a way as to maximize lead generation, revenues, brand positioning and referral marketing systems. What are strategic internet marketing plans? Strategic internet marketing plans are simply marketing action plans that systematically integrate and diagram your use […]

Free Social Media Marketing Plan – The Top 4 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Online Marketing

Where can you go to find a truly effective free social media marketing plan? Most people in business and in the online marketing industry understand that social media is a massively, powerful way to network and promote your business, but what are the best ways to use it so that you will be noticed and […]

Social Marketing – The Non-Techie Version For Network Marketers

Social Marketing is known in the Internet industry as Social Media Marketing. It can use the principles of Attraction Marketing to help you re-learn what you’ve always known how to do as Network Marketers: socialize. Maybe you stopped doing this when you became a Network Marketing salesperson. Maybe, instead of really listening and talking with […]

Traditional VS Social Marketing

Is there really a difference between traditional marketing and social marketing? Well, my answer to that question is a resounding yes! Depending on the type of audience that you are looking to reach as well as the number of people overall that you would like to be able to convey your message to, there is […]