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Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Activities

Gone are the days when Marketers would measure the reach of their adverts, one medium at a time. As media fragmentation gathers pace brand owners should be focussing on integrated marketing campaigns. People are now surrounded by online and offline media, which can all be used as marketing platforms. Considering this, it’s understandable that adverts […]

Strategies For Marketing On The Social Web

No one can deny the fact that communication with customers is of the utmost importance to every internet marketer. Blogging has opened up doors to attain effective communication with customers. The social media emerges as the latest and most promising method to fulfill this aim. Marketing on the social web paves the way to new […]

Viral Marketing Success Stories II

In this article we will continue our list off viral marketing success stories, and the lessons you can learn from them. Apply what suits you and suits your brand and take note of those who don’t, often you can use them if you think hard enough. – Viral marketing success stories 5: Got milk? Can […]

Affiliate Marketing Strategies – How To Attract Potential Buyers Online?

The ultimate objective of every marketing strategy is to drive more people into buying your products or services. The same holds true for an affiliate marketing campaign as well. Although it is a relatively newer field, there are already millions of companies who have successfully increased their number of buyers by using online affiliate networks. […]

Chiropractic Marketing That Works – PERIOD!

Chiropractic marketing is Relationship building through powerful patient contact. It is presenting your service solution to potential new chiropractic patients in such a way as to make them eager to come into your office. Chiropractic marketing is being completely revolutionized by The Web. The very first step, and the most powerful, that you can take […]