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Using Different Types of Marketing Brochures

Brochures are versatile marketing materials that you can use in any occasion. As it is, here are the different types of marketing brochures as well as tips on how to use them properly:

Leave-Behind Brochures

Just like its name suggests, this is the type of brochure you leave behind after meeting with a potential customer or after you do your sales pitch. These types of brochures should contain all the information that you just discussed as well as clarifying points that you deem necessary.

For these types of brochures to be effective, you need to repeat all the points that you mentioned and keep reiterating that your client really needs this product. If after your sales pitch there are still doubts left in your customer’s mind, then this type of marketing brochure should erase all of it.

Point-of-Sale Brochures

These types of brochures are the ones that you see stacked together or racked together in banks, supermarkets or tradeshows. The main use of these marketing brochures is to attract customer interest and get them to read your brochures.

The best way to use this type of brochure is to use big headlines that promise great discounts or offers. Remember that with this type of brochure you need to pique the audience’s interest so that he will pick up the brochure himself and actually read about it. This type of brochure needs a lot of planning and extreme focus on a target audience in order to be successful.

Respond to Inquiries Brochures

This type of brochure is the one hat you send out when a consumer is interested in buying your product but wants more information about it before committing to an order. Just like the leave behind brochures, you should re-state your points and show how your product will make life easier for this potential customer. Do not leave any shred of doubt in the mind of your potential client. The bottom line? This is a great product and you can’t live without it.

Direct Mail Brochures

This is the type of brochure that you use in your direct marketing campaigns. They cater to a more targeted audience so the message and images used should be much focused. Using a focused image and message enables you to connect more with your potential clients. If you connect with them, it is much easier to illicit a response, better yet to get them to read your whole brochure. After capturing their interest, never let them go by making short statement on how your product can help them. Leave out any information about your company except for contact details. The brochure is not about your company. Rather, it should be all about how you can help your customers.

Sales Support Tool Brochures

Sales support brochures are almost the same as leave behind brochures. Their main difference is that this type of brochure can be used as a sales aid while the agent is making his sales pitch. This is why more than anything else, this type of brochure needs to have a larger headline and larger photos. To be effective, you should be able to give them out as hand outs or you can use them as displays in your presentations.

Source by Carla Sangaspar